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Tech Co-Founder and SaaS developer

Driving recurring revenue for busy entrepreneurs



Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service is the key to long term recurring revenue for many businesses and so many ideas!

Recurring revenue

SaaS allows for a recurring revenue model, where users pay a subscription fee on a regular basis for access to the software. This can provide a stable and predictable source of income over the long term.


SaaS is easily scalable, as the cost of adding new users is typically low. This allows businesses to easily expand their customer base and increase revenue.


Your niche and your business could be the key to your SaaS – building a solution that works for your audience long term.

Consultant and Tech Co-Founder

Work with me long term to build your solution, together we can build an automated solution to your problems or your next product.


When things run on autopilot they give you time back, time to spend doing the things you enjoy, whether that be family, sports or simply spending time on the more rewarding parts of your business!


So often the first question is “Can you…..” and the answer is often “Yes!” everything from putting code on to the International Space Station, to Raspberry Pi’s on top of buildings and an automated spreadsheet for a charity ball!


Let’s talk about your idea… If it screams at me and makes me jump up and down we might be able to talk about some kind of revenue share deal! This is as much about the person as the idea!

Hello! I’m Keiron!

Could having your own software provide you with time/money saving efficiencies or even that mythical unicorn of recurring income? ?

Do you feel like you are asking your clients or employees to do the same thing time and time again and the errors creep in, often between the chair and the keyboard? ?

Would you like someone to take that painful system make it more efficient and put it on autopilot? Allowing YOU to spend more time with your family and doing the things you love?

Would you like to turn that little idea you have in your field of expertise into a system you could earn a recurring income from?

If so, I can help make that happen!

Ready to Make Your Idea Come to Life?

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“Keiron is in the process of developing a new app for me (in Laravel/Tailwind) and I had to leave a recommendation as Keiron is absolutely brilliant.

I am mighty impressed with his work ethic, organisation and quality of the end product. He patiently works through any updates/glitches and is happy for me to organise sprints and updates and provides valuable feedback around the logic of those updates.

I honestly thought it would be so much more painful developing an app, but with Keiron it’s a breeze.

Super impressed!”

Robin Waite

“Working with Keiron has been a breath of fresh air.

I find him thorough, innovative and hardworking – he will not give up on finding the solution to something and I can rely on him to get the job done – even if I don’t quite understand the job in hand!

He is patient and calm and a joy to work with!”

Rochelle Dallas

“For all your tech and automation queries, Keiron is your guy

In 40 mins we were able to simplify and figure out the best way to automate my process, totally unblocking me and creating a clear path to move forward

There will come a time when I need something more complicated and I’ll go back to Keiron for that. He’s really easy to talk to, helps you to understand how things work and I didn’t ever feel like I asked a silly question

I highly recommend Keiron. So if you’re thinking about how to automate something in your business – reach out to him for advice. He’s brilliant!”

Sarah Gigg