Software as a Service



Business owners, are you ready to
increase your revenue?

Have an idea for a product that
could help many people?

It’s time to build a Software as a Service (Saas), in both of these scenarios they could be the secret weapon that takes your business to the next level.

When you build your own SaaS it’s not just about creating another product that you can sell, you’re creating a solution for your audience that can bring you long term increased revenue.

Why build a SaaS?

You know your niche!

Turning that into a revenue machine not only brings additional revenue it frees up time for you to work with more clients on a 1:1 basis (often at a higher rate)

The maths of SaaS

When we build a custom solution for your clients that solves a specific ongoing need they can signup to your service for a monthly fee.

As you add more users that monthly recurring revenue (MRR) gradually increases.

The example we often use is a product that you charge your clients £30 a month to access, 100 users is £3,000 per month – £36,000 per year in revenue. Add a VIP plan, and you can easily double or triple that.


Keiron - Geek for Hire

Keiron - Geek for Hire

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Helping busy entrepreneurs achieve long term recurring revenue by turning their system into a Software as a Service